F.L.A.M.E. was established in 1999.

Actually it started back in the 70's by visiting air shows and a growing desire to get involved in this beautiful world of aviation. Then around '87 I met Edwin Boshoff at an air show flying a DC3, and offered him to help him to maintain his fleet of 2 PipercubĀ“s and 2 Cessna's at the Rainbow Aviation facility in Eindhoven.

Under the guidance of his Engineer Hans Hermes I learned what maintenance was all about. Then I went back to school again, first in Belgium where I gained my permit to maintain aero planes, but this was not valid for the Dutch Authority's. Bart Smael (the other Mechanic/pilot of Rainbow Aviation) pushed me to start a self study and do the examine for the Dutch Authority's, so I did and  got my Dutch "G.W.K." license.

In 2000 I went to Bakers School of Aviation in Nashville USA and succeeded with my FAA A&P License, after 3 years in 2003 I went back to Bakers to do the examine for my Inspection authorization.


On The Job: Getting me in unique situations, working with unique aircraft around the world experience a unique situation will give the opportunities to get some unique images. Click here to see them.

during the past years, I managed to get a lot of experience in maintenance, testrun and towing of numerous of aircraft in several catagories.